Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dawn of the Lightkeepers: Prelude to the David Rose series.

The Awakening of David Rose will be released September 9! Grateful to the EP team and to everyone for their support.

Penned this brief companion piece/prelude a few years ago, and I recommend it before reading the novel.

Thanks all, and stay tuned for plenty more news to come!

Monday, July 1, 2019


Wrote the passage(and the phrase in question) toward the end of the literary-suspense manuscript I poured my heart into for 18 mos.—before I ever knew of this song by the angel-voiced Hayley Westenra.

He remained inert on the bench as the world around him passed: joggers, walkers, strollers, dogs. Beyond the tree line, vehicles trundled by, and other customary portents of another day come. He watched their faces, reckoned some of them, particularly the younger, still were searching, looking ahead to what future might be theirs. He was not like them. He saw clearly that road ahead, knew what awaited, and who he was. From the moment he’d loved her, he’d known.

Having lost her had only rendered it more resolute.

Five years. Five. But it had gotten no easier. He thought he’d once heard it was supposed to. But for five years, only her, every moment of every day, and he could not reach out to her, and he could not tell a soul. In his sleep he saw her, felt her, and emptied his heart, but when he woke it had all been phantom, whispers in a dream, but the dream was never again to be.

No, he did not need to find himself, for here he was, and here he’d be, everywhere passersby, never a dearth of them, bustling past with their places to go and futures to decide. Never was he more alone than in their company, in any company, for there was always one missing, and as night fell and the church bells rang, he supposed there was small comfort in the gospel of it all.