Monday, January 1, 2024

Nullius in verba

Nullius in verba. In 1660 the Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge was formed, and they made this their motto. Roughly translated, take no one’s word for anything. Reminds me of another favorite quip, this one by Carl Sanburg: Be aware of advice--even this.

Faith can be a beautiful thing, yet blind or worse still, intolerant faith, not so much. Questioning is good. Inquiring. I’m more apt, of course, to question that which I’m exhorted to take on faith, and which has not—perhaps cannot—be tested and validated and proven, than that which has been.

But I digress, as writers are wont to do. Newton was among the Society’s founders and thought by some to have popularized the notion of a clockwork universe, but many contend he in fact rejected the notion, and dated the concept as considerably older. At any rate, time plays heavily in the David Rose series, and this was indeed the impetus for my contemplations today. Readying to pen a clockwork universe scene. (While I suspect the metaphor of time and the universe as an inexorably advancing machine is more properly crafted over the balance of a treatment, I do have hints throughout the series, and want to try to conjure a vivid sequence nonetheless.)

I am working on the third and final book of the series (were originally to be four, but, you know, time happened, and seems I’m getting old), with hopes of getting it out there by the end of this new year. Hoping much earlier this year to release Gospel, a literary-suspense manuscript I poured about 18 mos. into.


Just wanted to share the update. I start a new job tomorrow and while I’m looking forward, time (that pesky notion again) will be in shorter supply, so getting the words in shan’t be easy. Alas, I usually do better when forced to be more disciplined. Time(ahem) will tell.

Wishing that the time ahead for each of you is healthy, happy, and requiting of your dreams, whatever they may be. I remain ever grateful for your support. I love you all, be it friends, families, readers, or even the wayward souls fallen away from my life but for whom this may yet be a loving, secret cipher, should you on one far day stop in: you are not forgotten, and are forever loved.

Happy New Year, and to quote my daughter’s beloved Dr. Who, Laugh hard. Run Fast. Be kind.