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There is always a measure of guilt one feels stealing away so many times through the years to go work on a book--you miss your family, and feel badly being away so much. But one assuaging factor has been that my daughter is quite the literary soul herself, and sometimes has accompanied me on these outings, and done some of her own writing and reading. She has always been an off-the-charts reader(literally, at her school conf this yr. her teacher had to indicate somewhere just off the page, so remarkable was her progress). Of course, it's not about testing it's about passion, and love for the written word, and Rachel has it in spades.  We've long talked about her having her own corner on the website when she was ready. She's a great writer, and even has shown a recent flair for poetry(I am hopeless on that front). It is with pleasure I introduce you to 11-yr. old Rachel(yup, same Rachel of David Rose lore), through this interview, and hereafter, the responsibility for this page is hers--she will choose content--only guidelines are that it should be something literary--and be responsible for editing--I will not alter her work at all. She may share stories, poems, descriptions, ruminations--she really requires no prompting from me(though we do occasionally prompt each other verbally for descriptions and the like--she's tough to keep up with)!

Welcome to the blog, Rachel--or rather, thanks  for welcoming us to your corner of it. What might we expect from you here?

In my "corner" of the website, I am planning to write poetry. I'm fond of poetry, but I prefer to write it rather than read it. I think writing poetry is a great type of writing, because it's a nice way to express your thoughts about a certain topic. For some people who think poetry is difficult, here's my advice: Don't try too hard and just let your thoughts flow. Many times when I'm writing for a while, I find myself writing descriptions. I plan to share some of those with you. Overall, what I'll write on this blog will depend on if it's raining or something exciting happened. It all depends.

When was your literary passion first kindled?

I've always loved to read, since I can remember. I think that transitioned into a love for writing. One day in Kindergarten, I had to write instead of having free time. I actually was excited to write. I just kept on writing and it was fun. Now, I still love to write. As for the poetry, it was all technically for a grade. But I had enjoyed it a lot. My poetry topic was traveling. All I had to do was think of places and their hidden and outside beauty. I thought about what made the destinations special, and the words just flowed.

You told me three questions, so, final one--what are you reading these days?

The latest books I've read have been biographies. I love to read fantasy, but I really enjoy biographies. I recently read one about Jacques Cousteau that was very interesting. The next time I go to the library, I plan to get a biography about Thomas Jefferson.


Enjoy this first post from Rachel, a descriptive turn of short fiction.



Rachel wrote a bit of description as a tribute to our Spurs hero, Tim Duncan.


Rachel's latest entry, a scene she penned.


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  1. Love this opportunity to read your writings!!! You never cease to amaze us!!!

    Love, Grandma Peggy