Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bane of 5-Star Reviews, Redux

A few months ago the uber- wonderful KM Weiland published my piece on 5-Star Reviews. Humbled today that top journalist and Fellow at the National Critics Institute, Porter Anderson, included prominent references to that piece in a terrific article he penned. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Write Around the Corner: Literary Agents

As always some great stuff percolating in the Blogosphere. The Great Debate rages on regarding Traditional v Self-Pub/Indie etc., but for all those like me who haven’t decided for sure and at any rate are querying agents, this installment focuses on that process. I found these pieces to be very insightful, and hope you do too!

*How I Got My Literary Agent by guest author Jessica Arnold, author of The Looking Glass. Part of the terrific “how I got my literary agent” series, this piece really provides a sense of the process in a very relatable way with good detail and insight. Jessica relays her story in a raw and honest way, including challenges she faced and dealing with the unexpected. A very interesting article.

*Have you checked out the Literary Ramble site? You should, really good stuff, including great agent spotlight features, and myriad tips and tidbits on all things literary, with a particular focus on children’s books.

*Gotta love Miss Snark. Here is an assortment of posts about agent protocol and they grabbed my attention with their candor and insights.

*I’m a big Rachelle Gardner fan. Here is a simple, user-friendly but very instructive piece on finding a literary agent.












Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Hardest Loss (indeterminate genre)

The hardest loss is not that precious thing you lose today, or that cherished thing you lose tomorrow as a result. It is that once sacred thing called yesterday which, now false, had led you to believe in both. 

(Flash fiction? microfiction? Poem? Not sure this constitutes any of those. Just call it musings on a melancholy evening.)