Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How Novel: On Short Stories...

Much of my literary focus has been around my novel(s) but I've always loved short stories--reading and writing them--and got some nice news today from Glimmer Train, an esteemed publication I've tendered a handful of submissions to in the last year. My short story "Devil and the Blue Ghosts" won Honorable Mention in their Short Story for New Writers contest. Didn't quite make it through to publication but made top 5% out of over 1,000 submissions, so , that's cool. :)

Will decide what to do with the story now--shop elsewhere, self-pub, what not--and much as I wish I'd won, that's still encouraging. And congrats to my fellow honorables on this list. :)

Bit of a lesson in perseverance: no action with my first several submissions to them, but I've wanted to break through with them, and with this news, I'm at least getting closer. Whatever your goals, stay the course and keep fighting. 

So, fellow scribes and readers--what's your take on short story as a form? Enjoy it? More or less than novels? Some of your favorite short stories?

Anyway, thanks, and here's the Glimmer Train posting where I'm listed: