Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Rose by Any Other Name...David Rose to Set Sail Once More

I have described previously the labor of love that was--and is--The Awakening of David Rose. And some may recall some of the perils of the journey to this point: previous publisher folding, and how I republished it myself, but quietly set about in search of a new publisher.

I've found a good one, known for their exacting standards, and as of today I am under contract with Evolved Publishing, and to be welcomed by Dave to the "good ship EP," represented the next step in a sometimes arduous, but persistent journey. All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by...I am excited and grateful to be aboard. The incipient novel should relaunch--new and improved--in November 2018, with 2-3 sequels hopefully landing a year apart thereafter.

It's also cool to announce this on Mother's Day, as finding the truth about his mom's disappearance is at the heart of the D Rose series.

And now, we set sail. As Holmes, whom I quote more than once in the books, would say, The game's afoot.

Thanks to all, as always, for your support, and stay tuned...

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