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The Awakening of David Rose, launching Sept. 9, 2019 by Evolved Publishing:

Navigating the awkward world of bullies, girls and adolescence is hard enough, but for fifteen-year-old David Rose, those have been the least of his problems.  He has never accepted his mother's supposed death and he's doing all in his power to help his little sister cope, all the while  confronting a series of strange and mysterious incidents. A new woman--Kathy-- has entered their lives, and David knows he should be happy she is coaxing their father from his depression, but something doesn’t feel right. He befriends her son Donovan, but they can't seem to stay out of each other's way, even competing over the same beautiful girl, Amanda. Things keep getting worse, but David finds a ray of hope in Marcel, the school counselor with whom he feels an immediate and somehow familiar connection. Marcel not only believes the strange stories David shares, but seems to know something of the secrets they harbor. When David and his family travel to England with Donovan and Kathy for a vacation at a medieval castle, things grow stranger and more dangerous than ever.  David must summon all that Marcel has taught him and confront the truth:  that in order to survive the world he knows, he must come to terms with the dark and magical world he never knew existed.

David Rose & the Forbidden Tournament, coming from Evolved Publishing in 2020:

It’s one thing to discover a whole new world; it’s quite another to survive it.
It’s been less than a year since his fateful 15th birthday, but for David Rose, everything has changed. He’s learned he’s immortal, discovered a sinister plot centuries in the making, and survived an attempt on his life, at a medieval castle in England.

And he’s more convinced than ever that his mother is alive.

Now that he’s been awakened, David and his friends enter a summer of uncertainty. This new world is wondrous, yet fraught with peril: for all the new powers and possibilities, David feels more vulnerable than ever. His awakening has been like a beacon to other immortals, some of whom view him as a threat to be dispatched. Strange things are happening with Rachel, their father has withdrawn again, and David worries they are no closer to finding their mother.

Just as he is learning how to channel the greatest powers of his past lives, David is abducted by a rogue syndicate, bent on exploiting immortals and pitting them against each other in battles to the death. Not only has his search been upended, but David must come to grips with the most harrowing realization of all: immortality can kill. 

The drought of 2012 saw water levels plummet throughout the United States. In the sleepy Midwest town of Laconic Harbor, the town of Jacksonburg—intentionally submerged nearly 35 years prior —has risen from the depths. The reappearance captures the attention of the vagabond narrator who, always on the lookout for a story, sets out to investigate. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that far more had been buried than a town—that when Jacksonburg disappeared beneath the ravenous flood waters, so too did its dark secrets-- until now. He sets about researching and reconstructing the story of late 1970's Jacksonburg, culling information best as he can from a town and people reticent to provide it, and loathe to relive it. He learns about Mayor Sterling Glasper, the Jacksonburg mayor with aspirations of far greater office, power and prestige; about Colin Jorggenson, the construction magnate whose firm Glasper was so desperate to lure; about two fathers—Jonathan Berg and Alan Rendell—driven by love of their family toward agonizing decisions that will change their lives forever; and about young, timid sheriff’s deputy Marlon Kennedy, perhaps the most unlikely person of all to confront the evil which has besieged their seemingly idyllic town. At stake are Jacksonburg’s children, some of whom have been victims of unspeakable crimes. Just as Jacksonburg has risen from its watery entombment, so too will the truth finally emerge of how and why a town failed to protect its most vulnerable citizens and thwart a monster—until one man finally did.

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