Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Write Around the Corner..

Link Roundup

There are so many great writers and resources out there: while I humbly hope to provide posts and fiction that you will find informative and enjoyable, I would also like to bring attention to recent articles/posts/work that I have found compelling. Enjoy!


Some terrific stuff out there in the blogosphere…not everything hot off the presses—sometimes digging back a little ways avails you of some marvelous posts you may have missed! Some great pieces below, a pretty eclectic list.

Sophie Lizard offers very reassuring advice, encouragement and info to bloggers who, like me, sometimes have great trepidation regarding technology. The article lists some great sites where technophobes may comfortably ply their trade.

I was fortunate enough to stumble across Tara Sparling’s site recently—she’s got some great stuff! Of particular interest for me is how she champions flash fiction, a form I’m learning to love more and more. Congrats to contest winner  Katie Purcell, whose tremendous piece is featured in Tara’s great article.

Jonathan Mead addresses a topic I know I and surely many writers confront regularly. It’s a great article which suggests we may looking at the relationship between our day jobs and our dream jobs/pursuits all wrong…

What a treat to have discovered the musings of Dani Shapiro today. This is a stirring piece on “living out loud,” really gets at the soul of a writer, and also that oft-elusive balance regarding social media/platform-building.  More than anything, Dani just writes beautifully, lyrically—a pleasure to soak in, regardless of topic.