Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Adventure Continues: David Rose and the Forbidden Tournament

 The wrought-iron, steeple fencing surrounding the cemetery rose coldly above them, tall and coal-back, but David no longer placed much faith in the barrier between the two worlds.
So begins Book II in the David Rose series: David Rose and the Forbidden Tournament. 

The adventure continues not only for David, Rachel and the rest of the gang, but for me too. An author lives the adventures of his characters--and vice-versa, I reckon--or else the damn thing won't have a pulse.

Thrilled and grateful that Booktrope will be publishing the incipient tale in the series, my YA/Fantasy Novel, The Awakening of David Rose. I'm excited to have just commenced the first sequel(there will be four books in all). Excited and a bit daunted. Sequels present a unique amalgam of opportunity and challenge, I think. On the one hand, you've  introduced your main characters and primary or at least original conflict, and have much on which to build. On the other hand, you want to build effectively, offer a fresh take, keep the reader entranced. In the first book I introduce magic and mystery, but have constructed the foundation upon  developing the main characters and their conflicts. All along I've intended the sequels to dive right into the action, hit a fever pitch, up the fantastical ante...but all along I've suspected I shall need to remain vigilant against over-reliance upon  bells, whistles and rollicking action devoid of depthful characterization and story-telling. The JK Rowlings of the literary world have captured this elusive balance, but I know for me it will take yeoman effort. At the end of the day, I want each book to remain anchored in those things which matter most to the main characters. I look forward  to giving it my all.

Have you written sequels? You've surely read some. I'd welcome your thoughts on your favorites, and what traits in your opinion set apart the really great ones.

Thanks for your support, keep doing what you do, and stay tuned for updates on a publication/launch date for the first book! Thank you!

PS The image here is just a stock one and hints at a key element of the story as Book II opens--the notion of a magic mirror which portends a crucial but dangerous portals between worlds and lives. I look forward to working with my team(and I always welcome suggestions) on building the actual cover design when the time comes.


  1. So wonderful to read a post by a writer totally immersed in his craft. My lovely wife Ann follows you on Twitter and enjoys your writing.
    I'm in awe of fiction writers; we pay lip service to the kinship between poets and story writers, but it's a courteous lie: the fiction writer is the harder worker, puts in the longer hours and is fully conscious at the same time a poet is unaware of the narrative he/she is following to an end out of view.
    The fiction writer stands a frame, alone, like the ancient Jews who covered their hammers with cloth when building a new temple, silent until the art was whole.
    The reader says to the fiction writer, this covers me entire.

    1. Charles a pleasure to finally "meet" you! Ann seems a lovely person indeed and a champion for your great work, and I must say this is probably the most lyrical comment to a post I have ever been privileged to read. I smile reading this because I am so often in awe of poets--a beautiful form which eludes me rather utterly. Thank you for your comments and support, and for all your talents. Best wishes, and hope to connect again soon!