Thursday, April 21, 2016

Who Wants to Live Forever? The Theme of Time & Immortality in The David Rose Series

Immortality, he understood now, wasn’t about living forever: it
was, more than anything, about those who forever refused to let
things die. And now he lurched unsteadily as this great portal which
connected time and place and people and souls opened and began to
fill him with a great many things.

The Awakening of David Rose

Now that the cover has at long last been revealed for The Awakening of David Rose, it may be readily deduced that time—among other things—is a major theme. All those years ago when the idea came to me, a bit of a different turn on immortality began to swirl in my head. I thought about bitter, historic feuds—Hatfields-McCoys and the like—and the book in fact touches on a bit of it. Stephen King mentions in his book On Writing how he most successfully conjures his tales by starting with a simple What If proposition. What hit me was the consideration, what if some feuds, some antipathies, simmered so intensely as to endure beyond even death? What if some conflicts raged so bitterly as to be uncontainable by time and space, and perpetuated through lifetimes? What if immortality “wasn’t about living forever, “but was instead “about those who forever refused to let things die?”

Hence was born a key theme of my story. Something of a dark, even violent theme, to be sure, but it wasn’t destined to be all doom and gloom. Our world has been undeniably subject to terrible moments of darkness, and so very much shaped by violence, but somehow we have found a way to carry on, to retain at least some glimmers of beauty and hope. And this construct begged for me and my tale that additional question: what are those things inside us which, when things are darkest, we call upon to help light our way?

It is my hope that this book—and the series—represents a compelling journey along the way toward finding some of those answers.

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