Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Rose by Any Other Name...BREAKING NEWS re My Novel~

As some of you may be aware, my publisher is closing its doors and The Awakening of David Rose will be unavailable on its current platforms after May 31. I remain grateful to Booktrope for having published me, but too much blood, sweat, tears and years went into this novel to let it die on the vine. So...please stay tuned here and on my author site for updates about my relaunch: The Awakening of David Rose will be available on KDP Select beginning on June 1.

Thanks for your continued support and in the meantime, here's a little snippet from Book II in the series...

“The immortals walk in worlds known to no others,” said Herman. “See things no one else sees. Including each other. Good or evil, immortals stand out to one another against the obscure backdrop of this limited world known by most. Stand out like beacons.” Herman leaned closer, as though in so doing he might impart to David the requisite message all the more clearly. “You are awakened,” he said. “Henceforth when you discover and use your powers; when you step further and further into this new universe, it gives off signals, like a flare at sea.”

“Others will see it?” David leaned forward too. “Others like me?”

“Others will see it. And others will come.”

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