Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rachel's Room: A Tribute, A Thank You.

Five-time NBA champion, three-time NBA finals MVP, and a two-time MVP. He is easily one of the top five NBA players of all time. He was great at offense and spectacular at defense. He has been playing for 19 incredible years.  This description is for a kind, humble player. One who cut his salary in half to help his team pay better salaries. A team-player. Thank you, Tim Duncan.

                In the oldest part of the golden beach lived an elderly woman. She has been living at her beach house for many years. She had no family. Over time, her wooden rocking chair became her family. It was old and the paint was chipped, but it meant everything to her. At every sunset she’d sit there and think. The elderly lady stared out into the deep ocean as if something was waiting for her.
                                                “Adventure is out there.”

-          UP

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