Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rain on a Window

Like rain on a window, my smile has melted away. Joy and hope have alighted from my heart and spiraled away, perhaps in search of you.

For the heart, you see, is indignant of boundaries, and so the constraints of our circumstances never mattered when it came to what matters most.

Loving you.

Just as I understood that this love would endure well beyond the walls of this lifetime, so too did it transcend any other walls. That we could not lie down together at the end of the day; that we could see each other but rarely; that we could not bring about the life of our dreams--all of this pressed upon us but even so could not suppress the love in my heart which still rose up--rises up--over and above and through all walls and is immortal and at the end of the day what nobler dream exists than love eternal?

A sacred bond but you are gone and my love still rises but is met with silence and my days are dark and each my longest, until the next. I mourn but even this loss, this pain is but another wall and cannot vanquish my truth. In one year, ten or  fifty--or into lifetimes beyond--always remember you may find in me open arms and safe harbor. My heart beats on for you, forever and always-- steady--like rain on a window. 

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