Monday, September 9, 2019

Release Day: The Awakening of David Rose

At once exhilarating and humbling, this writing thing, but you just keep on  truckin'. What a long, strange trip it's been.

Some 13 years after first conceiving it, and 3. 5 years after watching my first publisher go under the same week it originally launched, The Awakening of David Rose has been rebirthed, and I am grateful. I am blessed to be part of an amazing project team at Evolved Publishing, and I want to thank them profusely:

Kirstin Anna Andrews – Editor
Lane Diamond – Senior Editor & Interior Designer
D. Robert Pease – Cover Artist

It truly takes a village.

EP is a great publisher who places quality first and I am thrilled they are down for the three-book D Rose series(I am hard at work on Book II, David Rose & the Forbidden Tournament).

And I remain ever grateful to my children, who inspired the tale and continue each day to make me luckier than I deserve. 

I hope you'll read the book, and I hope you'll like it. I hope you'll consider going over to Amazon or Goodreads and leaving an honest review. I hope you'll perhaps tell a friend. Most of all, I hope you'll take a lesson from me, that it's never too late. Sure, deep down inside I retain a bit of that schoolboy wistfulness and wishfulness,that I might catch lightning in a bottle and hit it big, but I understand those are long odds, and I understand what's truly important: I have wanted to be a writer since childhood, and it means the world to me to have been blessed with the ability and circumstances to accomplish it, even all these decades later. I want my children to see that whatever their passion, whether they ever make a penny from it or achieve critical acclaim, they should never give up on their dreams.

Thank you, each of you, for your friendship and support. The Awakening of David Rose launches today:

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