Monday, September 9, 2019

Writing's Secret Formula: How to Write Stories that Matter

Always an honor to write for the talented and unfailingly kind Katie Weiland.

Does writing have a secret formula? How do we craft stories and characters that people care about?

Here's my guest post on Katie's award-winning website:

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  1. If you're a friend of Katie, that's good enough for me. I read your post on her blog. Excellent writing. very good vocabulary. I have degenerative memory loss, or so my doctor tells me. I used to have a good vocabulary. Not so much anymore. Which is a huge problem for me. I LOVE to write. It is my passion. Will I ever be able to create prose like you or Katie? Probably not. But I will not give up. When the Lord tells me, "Nice try son, but hang up your pen." Then I'll quit. He hasn't said anything yet to that effect. I just had to write a comment here for you. You are a good wordsmith. When I am done here, I will purchase your book. I'm always looking for a good read.

    Jim Warren