Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Write Stuff....

 Never, urged George Orwell, use a long word, where a short word will do. Sage wisdom? Was he right? I think in many instances, yes. But not all. (And see, I just broke a writing “rule” by starting a sentence with a conjunction. And there again. Oops, and again. This can prove vexing.)

I was grateful a few years back to tackle this topic for the terrific ProBlogger website. (I specified blogging in the title of the piece, given the publication/audience, but it’s applicable to most writing.) Grateful also for the permission to use the great Hemingway/Faulkner rendering from the talented RE Parrish. 

At any rate, I still sometimes get tripped up when writing, wondering if something I just penned is indeed, well, “right.” And who, or what, decides? I enjoyed exploring these considerations in this piece; I hope you enjoy it too. 

Tell me what you think: are you devoted to writing’s “rules?” Which ones? Or do you throw literary caution to the wind, and focus more on the “write,” rather than “right,” stuff?

Thanks as always for your feedback and support!

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