Wednesday, May 5, 2021

What A Long, Strange Road It’s Been...

 Been a while since I’ve written here, but thought I’d drop in. I hope everyone’s doing well. What a tough year for the world. 

I hope within the next 3 to 6 months to have Book II in the David Rose series out, as well as my literary suspense manuscript, Gospel. 

Here’s a little dialogue that speaks to the heart of the protagonist and his struggle.


“You don’t have to be,” said Rose. “And you don’t have to move on. Your devotion is perhaps the thing which endears me to you most. You don’t have to move on. Maybe you can’t. Maybe you can give your heart to no other and if that part of your life is therefore over and you heart beats out in vigil for the rest of your days then so be it, embrace it. Who am I to say?” And here she pulled him closer still, so that their faces nearly touched. “Perhaps you can’t move on, but you must go on, and in your heart I think you know this to be true. You go on because you have a son and you must give him all that you can—you and Anabel both. And you must show him that even when things like this happen, life goes on, not without pain but in spite of it, not easily but nevertheless, and you must model courage and resolve and gratitude for all those things for which you remain so abundantly blessed. Gratitude that while your heart may be broken, there are in fact worse fates. You must get up every day and meet that day. Don’t begrudge yourself your pain for it is real and runs deep and may do so for the rest of your days, but please—please, Jacob—do not permit it to paralyze you. You have a choice in that, not everyone does. It may not be the way you dreamed it, the way you imagined, but you have chapters left to write.”

It occurred to him there in the darkness upon that windblown summit, that sometimes the most proper response is none whatsoever.  He regarded her and hoped his eyes conveyed the gratitude he felt and they were silent a good while until at length Jacob said, “But I wish there was something more I could give you.”

“You can.”

He’d penned enough words through the years to know life’sgreatest meaning lived in the spaces between them. And there was little doubt of the meaning here.

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